View Full Version : Any info on this Brass Lens

25-Feb-2007, 10:28
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an old brass lens with the following info on it
Harrington $ co Sydney Brisbane etc
Series D Rapid Euryscope
1/1 Plate
Its either made in Australia or imported and rebadged. It has a iris range frn f9 -64 and I have no idea of the focal length as its not mentioned

Any further info would be greatly appreciated

P.s. while I'm at it I thought I'd post a pic of my 7inch Verito(all the wollensak lit only mentions 7 1/4 inch lens. Is this a custom length?
peace and goodwill fergs

Ole Tjugen
25-Feb-2007, 10:52
The "Euryscope" name was first used by Voigtländer, and supposedly all Euryskop/Euryscop/Euryscope lenses were made by them. Unfortunately this is not so - lots of others made lenses with those names. Voigtländer mostly used Roman numerals for the different series, so the "Series D" doesn't help at all.

The word "rapid" combined with a max aperture of f:9 would indicate a "Rapid Rectilinear" AKA Aplanat - except that those were mostly f:7 to f:8...