View Full Version : Shen-Hao TZ45 (1.7kg ~ 3 3/4 lb)

Andrey Donchev
25-Feb-2007, 01:45
Hallo, Do someone of you know the price for which I can buy this camera from Shen-Hao directly. I would ask them, but, from my personal experience, this is tedious task. The only info I could find for this camera (it seams quite new to me) is the following from two European dealers:

Foto-arte: here: 640 (~$1260) (http://www.foto-arte.co.uk/4x5_Field.html) and
Foto Abro: here: 1.290 (~$1700) (http://www.fotoabro.nl/shenhao.html).

I find those two numbers ridiculously high, considering the usual price of SH HZ45 aII ($500-$600).
Any info regarding this particular model will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


evan clarke
25-Feb-2007, 04:56
Email Mr. Zang Fuming at Shenhao, he will give you a price...

25-Feb-2007, 07:00
Hi Andrey,

You are comparing the standard Teak Camera with black alloy parts (2.3kg) with a Walnut Camera with aluminum parts (1.7kg). Foto-arte lists the standard Teak camera at £495 ($972) and the Walnut camera at £640 ($1,257). The standard Teak price is high compared to what the camera sells for in the US but relatively they do not appear to be out of line.

If you purchase the Walnut camera you are certainly paying for the Walnut wood and if the weight saving if this is correct as well. Be aware that the Shen Hao cameras generally weigh substantially more than their specs.

You may wish to check with other venders about obtaining this camera if you are interested.


Andrey Donchev
25-Feb-2007, 07:18
There is certainly sense in your words, Rich, but I opened this thread because this is not the first case I'm aware of in which the prices of the European dealers are much higher then those of the vendors from the rest of the World. Anyway, I sent an e-mail to Mr. Zang Fuming at Shen-Hao and will let you know about his answer. Thank you very much for your answers!


P.S. By the way! Here, in Bulgaria the Teak wood is much more expensive the the Walnut wood, which is quite common! ;)

27-Apr-2007, 15:12

I've seen the TZ at 890 euros there :


What prices did you obtain when asking directly ?

Thank you,