View Full Version : Mystery Lens--What izzit?

John Kasaian
24-Feb-2007, 21:55
Marked "MacIntosh stereoopticon" looks to be two opposing plano-convex (I I) , from a long ago ebay buy which I robbed for the #5 universal shutter but now I'm thinking of using. Could it be an ellusive swirly petzval? Or is it a merely a pretzal?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
24-Feb-2007, 22:10
The design sounds like a Rapid Rectilinear to me. Is it about f8?

John Kasaian
24-Feb-2007, 22:13

Not sure--there isn't any slot for waterhouse stops or any other markings.

Jim Galli
24-Feb-2007, 23:29
Double simple meniscus? Stereopticon was some sort of a magic lantern I think. Put it back in the shutter and go make some pictures. Your assignment for tomorrow. Then post a couple so we all can see what it does.