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Larry Kalajainen
24-Feb-2007, 12:34
I've never used Quickloads before. Am considering getting one of the Fuji holders. There are a couple going cheap on ebay.

Do they work well?

Can you use Kodak quickload film with them as well as Fuji?

If I take my LF equipment with me to New Mexico in April, would you advise packing conventional film holders, or could I get away with the Fuji Quickload and a box or two of film?


Gordon Moat
24-Feb-2007, 13:25
Kodak Readyload films will work in Fuji Quickload holders, though the fit is not quite as good. If you make a mistake, like getting the film in backwards, you risk jambing the holder, which would mean disassembly. They do tend to be very reliable holder systems, though I think it is a good idea to have one of each, and stick with each brand of film matched to each holder. You can still think of opposite brand systems as back-up for the other system, though probably not something you would need to do often.

When trying to buy one used at auction, be aware of new pricing through Badger Graphic Sales, MPEX, or B&H Photo. I have seen some of the holders go for more money at auction as used than they sell for new. Most Fuji Quickload holders I have seen used go for $50 to $90. Kodak Readyload holders tend to go for a little less. You also have an older option with Kodak Readyload, if you can find the black pressure plate version with red Kodak lettering on the front; that one can sometimes be found for under $50 used.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

Ernest Purdum
24-Feb-2007, 13:25
Regarding mixing film and holder types, useful information appears at www.robertwhite.co.uk. Go to large format accessories, lthen to sheet film holdewrs and scroll down.

Maybe Kerry Thalmann will add to this. I think he did an article on the subject for View Camera magazine.

24-Feb-2007, 13:33
This should be the link to which Ernest is referring in the middle of the page:



Larry Kalajainen
25-Feb-2007, 06:16
Thanks to all. The comments were helpful, as was the Robert White site.