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Scott McMillan
24-Feb-2007, 05:42
I'm new to LF, so please be kind. I just received my first LF camera, a 4x5 Graphic View I. It has the Ektar 203/7.7 lens on a Flash Supermatic Shutter. I'm looking into a wider lens, since I'll mostly be using the camera for landscapes. I've seen several lenses at KEH listed as "(4x5) (35 mount)". Will these fit my current board, or do I need to find another? I measured the opening in the board, and it looks to be about 38mm. I surely would appreciate any help you guys could give.

Jim Rhoades
24-Feb-2007, 06:01
Find another board. Try Jim at MidWest. I believe that the 4" Calumet will work too. Some one who is sure will chime in here. Keeping that 203 mounted will allow you to do details of the landscape better than a wider lens. That Ektar 203 is about the best lens Kodak ever made.

Some day you may start packing in a field camera to do your landscapes. That's when a small and light 203 will show it's worth.

Walter Calahan
24-Feb-2007, 06:08
I suggest dedicating a lens board to each lens you own. Makes life simpler in the field. No having to unmount and remount lens.

Buy the lens you want for the desired focal length, then measure the lens for the size of the shutter, and get a new (used) lens board to fit. Midwest Photo is a great resource, also ebay has lens boards. Check with Jeff at Badger Graphics, too.

24-Feb-2007, 07:10
I used a Graphic View for years, and found that it was easy to cut a satisfactory lensboard out of Masonite. The only time you'll need a factory board is the recessed board for wide angle lens. Enjoy it -- it's a great camera, and you may never need anything else for 4x5.

John Kasaian
24-Feb-2007, 08:09
Scott, if your wide angle will fit the hole, and it won't require a recessed board, then you can simply remove one lens and replace with the other----you can do this in a studio but in the field it is very inconvenient. Getting another lensboard would be a good thing. BTW that 203mm Ektar is a sweet 4x5 lens! Congratulations on your Graphic View!

Jon Shiu
24-Feb-2007, 10:01
Hi, just to add another tip for this camera: when using a wide angle lens, put the tripod block on the back part of the rail so the standards can come closer together. In other words don't have the tripod clamp in between the standards.


Ernest Purdum
24-Feb-2007, 11:51
When you buy your wide angle lens, make sure it has a large enough image circle to be able to accommodate your movements. Most of the 90mm f6.8 lenses are marginal in this respect. If in doubt about a particular lens, ask here.

Without having one handy to try out, my assumption is that 88 or 90mm is probably as wide as a Graphic View can use and that movements would be rather restricted. Maybe someone can confirm or clarify.

Scott McMillan
24-Feb-2007, 12:27
I'm probably going with a 110 or 120. Shouldn't need a recessed board for that, should I?

24-Feb-2007, 14:29
I'm probably going with a 110 or 120. Shouldn't need a recessed board for that, should I?

A flat board should be fine with a 110-120mm lens for landscapes. The only concern is that the stiff bellows may somewhat restrict your rise/fall/shift.

Neal Shields
24-Feb-2007, 14:48
I have a 100mm wide field ektar that I think came with my Graphic View. I now have it on a Crown View. If you could afford it, it would make a very nice lens for your camera.

One just sold on the auction site for $225

24-Feb-2007, 14:49
That Kodak 203mm lens board hole is probably 1-1/2", as I just bored a hole to fit my new old lens. The Copal 0 takes essentially a 35mm bore, which is a little sloppy, but acceptable in a recessed board.

I have a Graphic View II board and it fits in my Wisner, so a Wisner style board would probably fit your Graphic View.

Scott McMillan
25-Feb-2007, 09:24
Well, I've made up my mind. I'm going with a 120 APO Symmar, Copal 0 shutter, and I finally found a lens board. Thanks for all the advice, guys.