View Full Version : Wollensak Volta?

Michael Heald
24-Feb-2007, 03:55
Hello! I've seen some referencese to Wollensak Volta Lenses. Can anyone tell me anything about them? Best regards.


Michael Heald
24-Feb-2007, 07:59
Ahhh . . . I tracked down the threads. Under Voltas, not volta. Best regards.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
24-Feb-2007, 08:39
It was Wolly's "student" lens; cheap and decent but nothing special. A triple convertable as I recall.

Ernest Purdum
24-Feb-2007, 12:41
The Voltas was an f8 lens made in sizes from 5" to 20" focal length. Jason Greenberg Motamedi's recollection is correct. It was indeed a triple convertible. From the specifications, I am guessing that it was a Rapid rectilinear type with differing focal length cells front and rear.