View Full Version : opinions about Schneider Super-Angulon XL 72 f/5.6

Veríssimo Dias
24-Feb-2007, 03:06
I have the oportunity to get a Schneider Super-Angulon XL 72 f/5.6.

Who knows this lens, please share with me how it performs.



Steve Penland
24-Feb-2007, 20:22
The 95mm filter size keeps me looking for an alternative. The reviews I've read from owners (who hopefully will respond) were generally very positive.

Paul O
25-Feb-2007, 04:56
Positives - Superb lens, excellent coverage, sharpness/contrast, can be used on 5x4 without a centre filter.
Not so positives - hunk of a thing/heavy, horrendously expensive centre filter and whopping 95mm front filter thread.
Unless you need the huge coverage consider either a 75mm or the 80mmXL.

25-Feb-2007, 09:16
I have a copy made in roughly 1995. I second Paul's comments. Optical performance is superb in all regards. it is really a fine piece of glass. However it is also a large, heavy, somewhat awkward lens with a large front element that has a 95mm front filter thread. If you need to buy a filter such as a center filter, it will cost you big time. As an example, the Nikkor SW 75 has an IC of 200mm (vs 226 for the Schneider) but has only a 67 mm front thread (pretty typical for lenses in this focal length). The Nikkor is also a touch faster at 4.5 vs 5.6 for the Schneider and lighter (420gr vs 557gr). I'll backpack with the Nikkor but not the Schneider. The Schneider is a car lens.
Dave B.

Veríssimo Dias
25-Feb-2007, 11:11
thanks Paul

Miguel Curbelo
25-Feb-2007, 11:16
It is an outstanding lens with excellent coverage, but unless you shoot architecture regularly I'd go for something smaller and lighter.

Eric Woodbury
25-Feb-2007, 11:20
I agree with the others. A great lens. I use it on 5x7 and it is fabulous. For filters I use 4" gels that I hand hold in front of the lens. I don't use a center filter. My work is such that a center filter is not critical. See here for a couple examples:


Veríssimo Dias
25-Feb-2007, 16:06
thanks; I shoot more landscapes.

Veríssimo Dias
25-Feb-2007, 16:07
thanks Eric

26-Feb-2007, 02:30
got the XL72 - but not for a long time, so I could only make one shot so far.

Filters: There's a push-on filter holder for the lee filters that can be used with the Schneider lenses with 95mm filter thread and 100mm outer front diameter (72SAXL, 90SAXL, 150SSXL). Furthermore, there are two versions of the 95mm center filter, IVa and IVb. IVb is only for the 72SAXL, but IVa while tagged "optional with less correction" for the 72SAXL can be shared with the 90SAXL and the 150SSXL. So if you decide to go the Schneider route, the investment in filters may be worthwhile.

Veríssimo Dias
26-Feb-2007, 05:24
thank you