View Full Version : Kaesemann Polarizer: Defective or Not?

23-Feb-2007, 16:24
I just took delivery of a new B+W Kaesemann polarizer filter. Upon closer inspection, I noticed several apparent bubbles in the polarizer foil. These bubbles are rather small in size, no more than a few millimeters each. Should I be concerned? Is this normal/acceptable? Should I return the new filter while I can?

I have another B+W Kaesemann, in a smaller size, which has one of these bubbles as well. I never noticed it until quite recently, and it has no apparent ill effects on images made with it so far...

Any insight is appreciated! Thanks!

23-Feb-2007, 18:08
You bought it new. You paid a reasonable price for it. If you don't do anything now, the bubbles will bug you for the entire time you own it. Bubbles don't belong in optical elements-they do not make things work better. Why not replace it? You did not buy it on Ebay where the calculation one does about keeping defective items is moderated by the purchasing price one got which is less than the new price of an item. Have I told you anything you did not already know?
Dave B.

23-Feb-2007, 20:03
Uhh, no? No need to condescend, I was just wondering if these thing are just like that.:D

23-Feb-2007, 20:36
I am sorry for appearing to be rude. I was trying to be sardonic. My main point is that you will derive more satisfaction from having something that is perfect which is what you paid for.
Best wishes,
Dave B.

Greg Lockrey
23-Feb-2007, 21:11
I had a similar issue with a B&W Kaesemann polarizer that I bought from B&H and the gladly replaced it for me. B&W's are supposed to be among the best, but I'm getting to wonder about their QC department.:eek:

23-Feb-2007, 23:42
NP, Davy B. I am arranging for an RMA. Poop.

Ernest Purdum
24-Feb-2007, 12:56
Bubbles used to occur quite regularly in old lenses, even from the best makers. Optically, they just block an insignificant amount of light.

I don't know anything about Kaesemann polarizer's and am surprised to find that the polarizing element is thick enough to have bubbles of several millimeters size. I am wondering if they are something other than real bubbles. If, however, bubbles is what they actually are, I would expect them to be harmless.

Greg Lockrey
24-Feb-2007, 13:46
What I had in the filter that I recieved was that the polarizing film in between the two pieces of glass had definite wrinkles on the film. The bubbles I noticed were more of seperation from the glass as if there was too much glass seperation from the film. Probably had no real effect but it looked like hell.

David A. Goldfarb
24-Feb-2007, 14:45
Given the cost of these things, you're paying for perfection and you should receive it. Otherwise, why spend extra on a Kaesemann?

Jack Flesher
24-Feb-2007, 16:22
The whole point of a Kaesemann polarizer is that the edge is hermetically sealed so the Polaroid film in the middle of the glass "sandwich" does not deteriorate over time due to humidity. The fact that yours bubbled probably indicates something went wrong after the fact -- like the filter got very overheated or the edge seal is defective.