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Mark DeMulder
29-May-2000, 18:31
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Gravity Works film washer tha t Calumet markets. I am considering getting one for 4x5 negs, and wonder how we ll they work, or what other options for a good wash are.


Robert A. Zeichner
29-May-2000, 20:47
I've used one for several years and they're great.

29-May-2000, 21:51
As for other options, you may want to try PERMAWASH [if you have not already done so]. I guess the drawback to it is that it is another chemical that you will have to dispose of at some point. On the plus side, you can get archival washing with much less water.


Ellis Vener
30-May-2000, 06:57
Works great! And it is sort of entertaining to watch.

John Miller
30-May-2000, 17:56
I've got one and it works great, works like a toilet just keeps the good water coming in...out goes the bad. I wash for about 10 minutes and my film looks fine. Easy to set-up too.

John Miller

Stpephen Willlard
5-Jun-2000, 16:21
I just purchased a used one. Prior to this I relied my JOB CPP2 rinse cycle to wash my 4x5 color negatives. When I placed the negatives in a tray to treat them with stabilizer, the negatives would turn the stabilizer pink. Since I have started washing the negative for 8 minutes using the Gravity Works film washer and the 4x5 adapter, my stabilizer does not turn pink anymore. I suspect this is a good indicator that it is doing a better job than the Jobo wash and flush cycle procedure.

Hope this helps.

5-Jun-2000, 21:37
Thanks, Mark. After reading the comments, I have one on the way from Calumet. These forums are really helpful (but sometimes expensive).

Mark DeMulder
6-Jun-2000, 09:39
Thanks to all of you who replied. I was pleased to hear the positive reports, and so have purchased one for myself. It is nice to have all of your expertise as a resource for those of us with questions.