View Full Version : Grafmatic Light Trap Loosened - advice needed

Ivan Maly
23-Feb-2007, 08:58
Greetings to all Grafmatics Holders owners - I would appreciate your help.
Just received my first Grafmatic and the lighttrap which is normally located (glued) under the sign "4x5 Grafmatic USA etc.." was detached. I believe I can fix that back with a piece of double sided tape, but my question is, which way? As you may know, lightrap is formed by a piece of felt squuezed between the thin sheet of metal and could be placed both ways (metal edge towards the darkslide handle or upside down).
If any of you who are using Grafmatics could inspect position of the lighttrap (with septums removed) and let me know. Thanx ivan

tim atherton
23-Feb-2007, 09:06
I can't find it right niow, but in the last week or two someone posted a link to an online version of the grafmatic repair manual

23-Feb-2007, 09:40
This is the thread for the repair manuel.



Ivan Maly
23-Feb-2007, 14:33
Perfect, many thanks for hints! This is what I like best about LF Forums - my problem was solved within hours of first posting.