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Christopher Perez
22-Feb-2007, 22:04
I checked my 4x5inch topmount RF on a Pacemaker Speed Graphic for closest focus. It appears to be around 6 feet with a 150mm lens and RF cam.

Is this correct?

If so...

1) How did newsphotographers get accurate focus with subjects closer than 6 feet?

2) How close do the Wista RF or Linhof Technika III or IV cameras focus using their RF devices?

22-Feb-2007, 22:59
Press photographers rarely used either a 150mm lens or the RF.

The most common lenses were the 135 and 127mm. They used the wire finders for speed and pre-focused using the scale on the bed.

I don't shoot a TRF Pacemaker but my Super will focus down to 3.5 feet with a cam. I'm surprised a bit that the TRF will only do six feet? If I get the time, I'll have to pull out my TRF and check...

Walter Calahan
23-Feb-2007, 07:12
When I use my Crown or Speed Graphic cameras the rangefinder is great until I get close. That when I switch to a tripod and ground glass focusing.

There are limits to everything except our imaginations.

Gordon Moat
23-Feb-2007, 12:57
At f8.0 with a 135mm on a 4x5, at 6' distance, the DoF is from 5'7" to 6'5". So it would seem that if a photographer guessed with that range, the image should be okay.

One thing I sometimes use is a Präzisa accessory rangefinder with my 6x9 and 6x4.5 folder cameras. Closest focus on those is near 3' though DoF can be worse at the usual f4.5 or f6.3 I use. After some practice, it is not too tough to accurately and consistantly estimate close distances.


Gordon Moat
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Mark Sampson
23-Feb-2007, 13:12
big flashbulbs =f/16 =lots of depth of field?