View Full Version : Bad lot of Fomapan 200 4x5

22-Feb-2007, 10:02
:( Just received a box of Fomapan 200 4x5, and it's to big for 4x5 holders.

Lot # 007354-01, Exp. 2008-11.


Amund BLix Aaeng
22-Feb-2007, 10:42
Too bad.:(
I just checked the 4x5 Foma 200 I just got, but it fits just fine... Mine is batch 007354-01 Exp. 2009-09

Walter Foscari
22-Feb-2007, 13:55
I assume this is genuine Fomapan not rebranded Arista? What type of holders you using?
Recently had some foma 100 4x5 that was too tight in some holders, barely fine on others. I thought that the poor quality control was due to the rebranding (mine was packaged as Arista), and wanted to get the real thing on next order but now I may have to rethink. Too bad, because I really liked the stuff.

22-Feb-2007, 19:49
Yes, this is Foma not Arista. It is about 2mm too wide in the 4" direction, but that's enough to make it worthless. Tried it in Lisco and Riteway holders.


Aaron van de Sande
22-Feb-2007, 20:11
Thats nice to warn us here but make sure you get a refund from the retailer so foma knows that it is screwing up.

Gene McCluney
22-Feb-2007, 23:43
If you can't get a refund...you could trim the film down on a paper cutter in the dark. Hard, but not impossible.

brian steinberger
23-Feb-2007, 16:03

Had the exact same problem last year. I tried to get a refund, nothing ever came of it. Nobody ever returned my calls and emails. I eventually sold the film on ebay just to get something back for it. Never did get to try the film in 4x5. There are too many other great film makers out there to waste my time messing around with film that won't even fit standard film holders. Seems silly to me.


23-Feb-2007, 19:25
i bought some 8x10 film that was bit too large. i cut them down in my darkroom with a paper cuter. worked fine. once you get the hang of it it is not too bad. e mail me before you throw it out. i use and love foma 100 and was looking to try the 200. io have shot 500 sheets of foma 100 and they all fit the holders.


23-Feb-2007, 21:54
I'm sending it back for a new lot - the new stuff better fit!!!

So much for Foma's ISO 9001 quality.