View Full Version : Linhof IV-V Wire Sports Finder

Scott Sharp
21-Feb-2007, 19:57

Does anyone know if a Linhof IV-V Wire Sports Finder will fit a Master Technika?
I'm interested in buying the one from Frank, but have no clue if it will fit.


David A. Goldfarb
21-Feb-2007, 23:30
It probably fits. Doesn't it attach via the two holes on the top of the front lensboard frame? I think the various versions of the compendium shade, which attach by means of the same two holes, are compatible with the IV/V/MT/2000.

Bob Salomon
22-Feb-2007, 03:39
There were several Linhof wire frame finders. Some attached only to the accessory shoe. Some attached to both the two holes on the top of the front standard and to the accessory shoe.

However the frame finders were made for 2x3, 4x5 and 5x7 size Technikas. As long as the one you want was for a 45 it will fit and work fine on a Master. If the frame was from a 23 or 57 it will still fit but not be accurate.

If you contact me during business hours I can give you some catalog numbers for them that might help you sort them out.

Scott Sharp
22-Feb-2007, 12:59
Thank you David and Bob for your replies. the seller indicated it was left over from piecing together a Tech V 4 x 5 outfit. I also had someone e-mail me that they had the same finder and that it did fit their MT. I went ahead and bought it since it was reasonably priced. From the photos of the wire finder it looks like it should mount on the top of the front standard, and the peepsite should mount to accessory shoe.

When I get the wire finder in hand, I'll contact you Bob for an idea of its vintage. There should be a part number stamped on the frame right?

So, my next question is what focal length lens was the wire frame sized for (was it adjustable similar to a Speed Graphics)? And was the rear peepsite adjustable for distance only or also focal length?

Thanks again.

Bob Salomon
22-Feb-2007, 17:44
" There should be a part number stamped on the frame right?"


As to focal lengths it depends on the version you get.