View Full Version : Are the late Compurs self-cocking?

Frank Petronio
21-Feb-2007, 07:06
Can't remember and not easy to find out.

I love my Prontor Professionals but am wondering if the Compurs from the >1980 are also self-cocking?

Mark Sampson
21-Feb-2007, 07:59
At work we have a lens in a Compur 0, from 1986, and you have to cock the shutter manually.

Oren Grad
21-Feb-2007, 10:26
I have a lens in a very late model Compur 1. It's not self-cocking.

Christopher Perez
21-Feb-2007, 10:29
None of the Compurs I own are self-cocking. Only the Prontor Press and Copal Press that I have exhibit the self-cocking behavior.

Bob Salomon
21-Feb-2007, 12:54
Compur Electronic, Prontor Press, Prontor Magnetic and Prontor Professional are the self-cocking shutters that were made by Prontor Werke, if you consider electronic shutters self-cocking.

Glenn Thoreson
21-Feb-2007, 17:18
I seem to remember Compur making a Press shutter, but don't bet the rent on that.

Tim Deming
22-Feb-2007, 12:13
I have a compur press shutter from around the late 50s, it's not self-cocking, and similar, except for the name, to a normal compur shutter.


Dan Fromm
22-Feb-2007, 12:51
Tim, it shouldn't be exactly the same.

I have a couple of Syncro-Compur P shutters that have press focus. Press focus is another way of saying blade arrestor. As with similar Rapax and Synchromatic shutters, when the cocked shutter is fired with the press focus button held it, the shutter will remain open regardless of the speed set until the shutter is recocked. Copal's press focus lever differs in that it opens the uncocked shutter.