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20-Feb-2007, 22:39
Hello Group,
I am in the process of developing my first 4x5 negatives using a Unicolor drum and motor. From past threads it seems that 250-300ml of developer will be what I use. My developer of choice is either D76 or HC110. With D76 1:1 it says to use 473ml to develope 80 sq. inches of film. I assume that 4 sheets of 4x5 is 80 sq.inches of film but the drum only calls for 250-300 total ml. What problems will arise if I use 150ml of developer to 150ml of water? I know that with the HC110 3ml per roll works so I should have no problem since 1 roll of 35mm should equal 4 sheets of 4x5. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also any dilutions that you have used in the past.
Thanks from a greatful beginner.
Arthur, NYC

21-Feb-2007, 04:08
hello arthur,
i do not use a unidrum. if it says you need 473ml per 80su in at 1:1 then you do not have enough solution. use it straight.
i use hc110 at high dilutions. dil g and h. they probably will not work with your drum. i do use a daylight tank (doran). i love it. i can do everything in the light and use different dilutions to suit my needs.i have had no problems with uneven development. i also use trays at times. (8x10 film or when i need to vary my times). sorry i could not address your unidrum question. keep us posted.


edited: you can also load less film into your drum if you want to use D76 1:1.

xavier deltell
21-Feb-2007, 04:21
Hello Arthur,

I use Jobo Autolab ATL-500 to develop b&w film and slides(E-6).
I use to develop b&w film with xtol 1+1

-1 bw roll film 35 mm: 200 ml solution = 1 roll 120 = 3 sheets 4x5
-2 "" " 400 = 2 " 6 ""

I have used d76 with the same dilution and amount of developper.