View Full Version : Can you push Velvia?

Steve Seitz
12-Aug-2000, 13:39
I am a beginner with LF and have mostly shot Polaroid 554 and type 55. I am abou t to start using Velvia quickloads. Given the ISO 50 and LF dof issues, I'm wond ering if you can push Velvia 1 or 2 stops. I know that Provia 100F does this wel l, and I may try it.


12-Aug-2000, 14:48
I'd imagine that if you find that you need to push Velvia on a regular basis, you might want to be using Provia F in the first place.

Ellis Vener
12-Aug-2000, 16:25
Velvia pushes quite nicely to about 1+2/3rds of a stop. Two stops maximum. It doesn't look at all like Provia.

12-Aug-2000, 20:24
Astia is also worth considering ; cool and natural colours, good latitude. Best of all, no reciprocity failure until you get past 32 seconds, according to the Fuji data sheet.

QT Luong
12-Aug-2000, 23:57
At +1.5, it looks very close to normal to me. At +2, the grain becomes very noticeable (even without a lupe) and the shadows somewhat turn brown. I don't push on purpose, except for low light situations when the exposures become ridiculously long.

Paul Schilliger
13-Aug-2000, 04:11
Coming back on Dan's remarks about the exacerbated colors of pushed Velvia, this is something that can be used when the subject is a little too dull to come out nicely on conventional film. I have had some interesting landscapes that way.

Wayne Crider
13-Aug-2000, 15:30
Any magazine photo's I see where Velvia is pushed is usually 1 stop. BTW, I accidently pushed a roll of Astia 2 stops to 320 and was extremely impressed with it. If my test with Provia pushed doesn't beat it, it's Astia from now on.

Steve Seitz
13-Aug-2000, 22:55
Thanks for the great advice - I'm taking my 4x5 on vacation next week with both Velvia and Provia F - I'll let you know the results.