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20-Feb-2007, 11:58
I am lokoing at buying a Linhof Super Rollex 6x9 back that is advertized as being a 4x5 back. I have made a few searches and cannot determine 100% if this will fit on my Canham DLC 4x5 which has the international/graflok back, or not? I think it will, but need an expert to confirm if possible?

Gordon Moat
20-Feb-2007, 12:27
I have seen a few that had a round built up ridge on the back, which I think only fits on a Linhof rotating back camera. However, most of the ones I have seen are only international back. I have a Super Rollex that is Linhof 6x7 for 4x5 cameras. They also made smaller versions for their 6x9 cameras, though it is easier to tell with those because the mounting plate area is smaller than on a 4x5. A picture of the bottom mounting area would help identify the back.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

20-Feb-2007, 13:40
Here is a picture of said item. Unfortunately it is small.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Feb-2007, 14:10
Yes, that's a rollfilm back for 4x5" cameras with an International or Graflok type back, not for Linhof 23 cameras, so it should work with the Canham.

20-Feb-2007, 14:20
thank you, I thought so but just wanted to make sure!