View Full Version : Wollensak Extreme W.A. 158mm

Kevin Kemner
12-Aug-2000, 13:32
Hi Everyone,

I've come across one of these lenses for a reasonable price but don't have a clu e whether its worth pursuing. Could someone comment on this lens? I am conside ring it for a lightweight wide angle lens for 8x10. Thanks very much.


Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
12-Aug-2000, 15:15
There are at least 2 versions of this lens that I am aware of. It depends on how reasonable the price is, the condition of the lens, is it shutter or barrel mount and of course what you intend to shoot with it. It will cover 8 X 10 but not allow extensive movements. But then again, with a lens that wide on 8 X 10, how much movement are you going to need?

I have wanted one for years but never managed to have the $ when one came up. Patrick Alt likes as does our Mr. Jarvis, I believe.

Chad Jarvis
12-Aug-2000, 16:16
I love mine. I bought the f/9.5 Wollensak (not to be consused with the f/12.5 Wollensak and the f/16 Gundlach) for $98 a couple years ago. Stopped down to f/45 it gives sharp coverage from corner to corner. Reputedly the f/12.5 does even better, though neither of those two are coated (the Gundlach models all appear to be coated). I've seen them mounted in Betax, as mine is, and Alphax #3 shutters. Generally you only get 1/2, 1/5, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, T & B with these, and sometimes they are finicky but are easily user-maintained. The best feature is that, mounted in a shutter, they weigh less than a pound. In a good shutter with perfect glass, these lenses are fetching around $250. Mine needed a self-CLA, and I had to pop the glass out with suction cups to get all the grime off of it, but now it's in excellent user condition.

Lukas Werth
15-Aug-2000, 09:33
I own one, too; bought it in a Betax shutter for $ 150. It gives me more flare than newer lenses, but this can be used for the composition. I have taken quite some pictures I care for with it. As said in the other answer: not many movements, but cheap and light-weight.