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Carey Bird
12-Aug-2000, 06:59
I've added specs, diagrams and pix of Nikon LF lenses to my site. Follow the li nk from the homepage: http://homepages.tig.com.au/~cbird


Carey Bird

David A. Goldfarb
12-Aug-2000, 14:10
Thanks for posting that. It's odd that Nikon is so quiet about its LF lenses. Just change the forward slash to a backslash in your index frame, and the link should work fine.

Carey Bird
13-Aug-2000, 00:53
The link has been fixed and should be OK now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Regards, Carey

Julio Fernandez
13-Aug-2000, 22:16
What info I have seen thus far from Nikon on lenses is of the 'how we did it' school plus the old and tired marketing verbiage. If you have PERFORMANCE specs that would be useful, ...and indeed, rare.

Bruce Gavin
17-Aug-2000, 18:09

Your Nikkor LF page is a first-rate site! Very nicely done. Looks like you have put more recent work into Nikkor LF than Nikon has.

Joel Collins
31-Jan-2001, 14:58
I've looked all over the Nikon web page for info on their LF lanses but have found none. What's wrong with them? Thanks for posting this info.

Peter Shier
31-Jan-2001, 22:11
I emailed Nikon tech support about this and they said they would send me specs in the mail. I'll post more info when I get them.

Carey Bird
1-Feb-2001, 02:53
Peter, if you want to pass on anything Nikon email to you, I'm happy to post it on my site.


Carey Bird