View Full Version : burke and james back?

Brian Whalen
18-Feb-2007, 22:13
so i just purchased a burke and james online and it needs a 4x5 back. the listing also says it is possible to use rollfilm backs. i didn't think these cameras allowed for rollfilm.? and also what would be the best kind of back to get? thanks.

Gene McCluney
19-Feb-2007, 00:00
There have been some roll film backs that fit into a 4x5 camera just like a cut-film holder, just slides right in under the ground glass. I believe Calumet offered one of this style under their own label. So, in that sense any 4x5 could use a roll film back. Also, any 4x5 that has a Graflock back could use a variety of roll film holders made by Graflex and successors. But, you say you have no back at all? Not even ground glass?

Jim Jones
19-Feb-2007, 07:23
Brian -- Is your Burke and James a 4x5 or larger camera? I bought a homemade 4x5 springback for my 5x7, and later mounted a Graflok back on a blank back. A T-mount adapter mounted on another blank adapts the camera to 35mm. Such improvisions aren't difficult for anyone with modest woodworking tools and skills.

Ernest Purdum
19-Feb-2007, 09:13
B&J did offer many types of back to fit their cameras and others. Many of the backs for smaller formats were sliding types. You focused, then slid the groundglass out of the way and some type of film holding device into position.

Their 120 rollfilm back was quite expensive and I'm guessing had most of a whole 120 size camera back there. I know the 35mm model was a 35mm SLR body attached to a 4X5 or larger back panel. There were multiplying backs, 4 on 5x7 or whatever and backs taking 100 foot rolls of 35 or 70mm film.

Graflok backs, which, as Jim Jones points out, can be fairly easily mounted on a panel which fits B&J cameras, show up on eBay quite regularly. Since eBay sellers can't spell, check for graflock, graphlock grafloc, graphloc and graphlok. I've seen all of these and usually more than one at the same time.

20-Feb-2007, 13:22
so i just purchased a burke and james online and it needs a 4x5 back.

It will help to know what model B&J you hav epurchased. Also, is it a 4x5, a 5x7 or an 8x10.

I have a 4x5 reducing back for the B&J 5x7 commercial view. It may also work for the Grover. It is in sad shape - needs glass and one of the springs is broken but, it is an original B&J...drop me a note if you're interested.