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adam friedberg
13-Aug-2000, 17:24
I'm looking for the largest backpack I can use as carry on. Currently I have the lightware which is nice (and heavy) but too big for the airline restricions. Does anyone have a recommendation or feedback? I am considering the Lowepro Protrekker AW and the Tenba 265. any reason not to get either one?

Bruce M. Herman
13-Aug-2000, 20:14

The gear that I hand-carry is placed in a rather beaten-up duffle bag so as not to advertise that I have photography equipment. My empty backpack goes into a large duffle with my tripod, clothes, etc., which is sent with the baggage. An advantage of this approach is that your backpack choices are not limited by airline regulations.

I either hand-carry my film or ship it separately to my destination to avoid the high powered x-ray machines that some airports have begun using on the baggage. Shipping the film became necessary when some airlines cut back to a single carry-on bag. Because it's so expensive, I may soon put all of my camera equipment into the cargo hold and then hand-carry my film.


Wayne Crider
14-Aug-2000, 00:32
I'm going to refer you to doing a search under this topic on photonet where there has to be at least a hundred threads concerning this. I'm sure you'll find answers there as to who has used what. The only warning I have is that if you take a short hopper flight the restrictions are smaller. My Lowepro classic just fits with the front pocket empty. BTW, airlines size restrictions are not all the same.

neil poulsen
14-Aug-2000, 02:41
See Tenba back plack P265 PBA for Airlines at the following location:


Tenba claims this is the largest backpack that will fit under the seat in front on an airplane. I have and like the model just under this one, the P264.

Natha Congdon
15-Aug-2000, 10:52
I regularly travel around the US and internationally with a full 8 X 10 rig including multiple lenses, film, holders. All fits into an f64 BPX, which allows a couple of modular sidepockets to be removed. This absolutely, definitely will fit under the seat on any plane I have ever been on, and the only place I have had any trouble was on short commuter flights in the states. Even there, I could get it on when I proved to them that it fit under the seat. It is the most rationally-designed backpack for LF, though not as well built as the LowePro (which I had but stopped using when I got the f64). I would highly recommend it if you are concerned about getting your camera gear on the plane.

Good luck,


15-Aug-2000, 15:40
Here's anothe option get one of those photojournalist jackets and put as much of the accessories in that and get a smaller bag such as one of the ones from CCS or Bilingham

Glenn Kroeger
17-Aug-2000, 14:34
I used a Lowe Phototrekker AW, and it just barely fit through the new templates on many X-ray machines, so I would have doubts if the Protrekker (which is wider) would fit. I now use a Domke Outpack which fits every template I have tried.