View Full Version : Bender 8x10 camera

Lukas Werth
13-Jun-1998, 20:19
Hello, I am thinking of getting a 8x10 camera which I would need exclusively for contac t prints. I am thinking of the Bender 8x10 kit, because it is affordable and lig hweight. But I am reading mixed accounts about its rigidity and usability. The p roduct review on the large format page centers around building the camera. My qu estion: are there people using the Bender 8x10, and what do they think about the camera? Would they recommend it, if yes, under which circumstances? Lukas

Derick Miller
17-Oct-1998, 06:58
I decided not to get the Bender because it has limited extention if you want to use older portrait lenses for "head and shoulders" portraits.

To get a 1:1 image, you need twice the focal length of your lens in extention.

This may not be an issue for you.