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18-Feb-2007, 10:15
Good morning,

I am developing 4 x 5 black and white negatives one-by-one in a darkroom in my home. It never fails that when I have a negative that I really like :)) it inevitably gets scratched!! How can I avoid this? I am currently using Agfa universal fixer without any hardener (I believe). I have read the previous postings re: negative problems and adding hardener seems to be the most common solution to this problem. The photo supply stores in my area do not carry hardener. Can someone suggest where to buy it over the net or another solution(s) to my problem.
Thank you for any and all information.


Walter Calahan
18-Feb-2007, 10:33
But where do you live?

I'd suggest ordering hardner on-line from the nearest supplier.

I checked you profile and your web site, but couldn't figure out your location. Sorry for my denseness.

18-Feb-2007, 10:37
What film are you using and how are you doing the developing? I have had problems with certain films scratching with tray development, but my primary film does not scratch using the very same method.

- Randy

Jan Pedersen
18-Feb-2007, 12:30
As Randy is pointing to, i think it is important to go through your process to locate the problem. If you already scratch your negs during development it wont help you to use a hardening fix. If it is in handling the negs after processing then you may need to change something there.