View Full Version : Advice on field camera

18-Feb-2007, 07:22
I'm trying to decide between the Wista VX with geared tilt and an Ebony SV45Ti without. Can anyone tell me if it is easier to focus with a geared tilt or is a camera without geared tilt just as effective and easy to use. Also any comments about these cameras would be great. Thanks.


Ted Harris
18-Feb-2007, 08:22
You get more precision with the geared tilt not necessarily moreease of use. The more important question here is weather you area going to be happier with a metal (I am) or wood field. These are two very very different cameras,, so different that some further discussion from you on how your reasoning led you to one of these two could be a big help in further advising you.

Brian Ellis
18-Feb-2007, 10:24
I used the Ebony SVTi for a year or so (also the SVTe). It was a fine camera but it didn't suit my personal preferences so I went back to a Linhof Technika (metal) after a year or two. The three-wheel focusing system was my main complaint, I also didn't like the Fresnel screen (bright but difficult to focus because of Fresnel lines), and the front standard used to occasionally jam when setting up the camera. There were a few other smaller things I've now forgotten. But mainly I just prefer a metal camera, IMHO they're more precise, solid, generally more pleasurable for me to use. For someone who prefers a wood camera one of the folding Ebony models is probably as good as it gets though if I were going back to a wood camera myself I'd think long and hard about a Tachihara (which I also used to own) or a Shen Hao at $595 rather than an SVTi/Te fat $2700 or so.