View Full Version : Proper care of 4x5 film after it is exposed?

Scott McMillan
17-Feb-2007, 08:14
What do you do with 4x5 film after it has been exposed, and you are ready to send it to be processed? Surley you don't send the holder and all to the lab. Is there some type of pouch or mailer or something. Again, please forgive my ignorance.....I'm totally new to LF photography. In fact, I'm still waiting on my first LF camera to be delivered.

Henry Ambrose
17-Feb-2007, 08:27
Hi Scott,

An extra film box is a good thing to put your film in. If you don't have one, ask your lab - they should have some laying around for just this purpose.

Scott Knowles
17-Feb-2007, 09:57
Call the lab to see what they expect. Some labs will accept film in film holders. If you put the film in boxes, don't forget the obvious, write on the top the box, film, film speed, any special processing (push/pull, etc.), name, address, phone number, etc., in case the order and film get separated. Some labs have extra boxes so long as you use their lab and service. To accommulate your own, buy some boxes of 10/20 sheets to have extras. Good luck.

17-Feb-2007, 14:02
I send my E-6 sheets to A and I in an empty film box. I put white label stickers on it to cover the old film name and wrote my mailing address on each part of the box, and E-6 in large letters on the top along with 'exposed film - do not expose to light'. I put the sheets in the black bag, stick that in the smallest box half, then that in the next larger size, and so on, just like with unexposed film. I tape it shut and mail it in a bubble pack and I've never had any problems.

- Randy

Scott McMillan
21-Feb-2007, 04:37
What about the "readyload" type holders? Same proceedure?

Joseph O'Neil
21-Feb-2007, 06:03
One more thing about the spare box & proper labeling - for the little bit or extra cost, I always enclose my "exposed" box in a zip-lock bag. You never know when a film might be exposed to humidity, moisture, etc.

Erich Hoeber
22-Feb-2007, 19:42
What about the "readyload" type holders? Same proceedure?

No. Just give the entire exposed readlyload packets to the lab. Make certain they're carefully labeled.