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paul schuster
26-May-2000, 18:10
I have finally played with the medical film. My first headache was trying to cu t some of those 8x10 sheets into 4x5. I have lost the size tab on my paper cutt er making this task difficult in total darkness. I first exposed two sheets wit h a red filter #25. I got nothing.

I was about to give up but then figured the film may not be sensitive to red. S o I cut and loaded a few under my safe light. I exposed one @ ISO 50 and the ot her 100. I GOT IMAGE!

THE FILM DOES NOT HAVE EMULSION ON BOTH SIDES IT DOES LOOK CONTRASTY BUT MY PROCESSING IS MOSTLY TO BLAME (I used HC-110 mixed 1:6 75 degrees, constant agitation for 10 minutes, yeah I k now its a lot, I wasn't expecting to get anything)

Now I have to test the other 1000 sheets. The rest of the boxes are a Dupont pr oduct. They are blue based. I am hoping they will provide similar results.

See here for two scans from negs. I might attempt a print this weekend. Ifn I can fit in my tight beer drinking holiday schedule http://www.schusterphoto.com/found.htm

paul schuster
26-May-2000, 20:57
correction! I shot the top image @ 100 and the bottom @ 25 (not ISO 50). I will assume correct exposure would be around 64-100 if I had not pushed the processing.

27-May-2000, 18:40
Or try:

Hose (http://www.schusterphoto.com/found.htm)

For a picture of a garden hose or a weird snake.