View Full Version : Cambo 5x7 on e-bay - what do you think?

16-Feb-2007, 21:12
There is a Cambo 5x7 camera on e-bay, which I am thinking to bid on. I have never had Cambo in my hand, any opinion or comment? Link to the listing is here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=005&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=150092306811&rd=1&rd=1



Vick Vickery
16-Feb-2007, 21:39
I've been very pleased with my Cambo 4x5...reasonable weight, no geared movements, but that hasn't bothered me, basically an easy camera to use. The 5x7 has a slightly larger rear standard, but uses the same front standard on all sizes and, thus, the same lensboards, etc.

16-Feb-2007, 22:15
Does it have interchangeable bellows? I guess the rail is not folding or collapsible?


David Karp
17-Feb-2007, 13:53
This camera is basically the same as any 4x5 Cambo SC or Calumet 45NX.

The rail is not expandable. To get a longer or shoter rail you either find a Cambo rail or a 1" square piece of aluminum extrusion (just make sure you devise something to make sure the standard does not roll off of the rail). New Cambo rails for this type of camera are still available in 11.5" and 29.5." There are lots of used rails out there as well. Most of the other Cambo accessories will work with this camera. I believe that the front standard is the same size as all current Cambo cameras. In fact, if you find a 4x5 bellows and a rear standard (or find a cheap 4x5 SC) or an 8x10 Cambo of this vintage you can make a little system.

I am not sure if you can get a bag bellows for this. As far as new product goes, Calumet only shows a 4x5 bellows for Cambo cameras. I don't recall ever seeing one on E-Bay either.

My first 4x5 was a camera of this type. I liked it. The biggest problem I had was having to change rails when using wide angle lenses. I also did not like the recessed lensboards that I had to use with wide angles (but would have that problem with almost any recessed board).

18-Feb-2007, 22:50
Thank you, very helpful comments,


Turner Reich
18-Feb-2007, 23:00
It looks very good in the picture, if it doesn't go to a crazy price, yea go for it. I think the 5x7 size is about perfect. Set a strict limit and find out, if you already don't know, how much it is worth.

Good luck