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Stefan Lungu
16-Feb-2007, 14:21
Hello everybody,

I came to the idea of trying LF after I got myself a Mamiya RB67 medium format camera and I like it very much. But then again, I think I will also enjoy a 4x5 camera and the movements will be exactly what I am looking for for architecture shots.
Now, as I was looking around for something not too expensive I noticed that Sinar F cameras are pretty low priced, so I wondered if you think that would be a good camera for my shooting. And I noticed some Sinar lenses with DB in the name. Do these have a shutter or are the lenses without the shutter and you have to get the shutter separately ? Can you use "normal" shutter lenses ( i.e. Copal lenses on the right boards ) on the Sinar F ? Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to get a picture of what is around.
Regards, Stefan

Ernest Purdum
16-Feb-2007, 14:34
The nice thing about Sinar cameras is that they are part of the most extensive moduloar system that exists. You dould never grow out of a Sinar.

DB lenses are intended for use with a Sinar behind the lens shutter. Lenses in ordinary shutters can also be used, mounted on Sinar lensboards.

Don't be sorry about asking questions. Ask a whole bunch of them, that's the whole idea of this Forum.

Ron Marshall
16-Feb-2007, 16:12
I have an F1, great camera. They are very reasonably priced used.

Try KEH or Midwest for a good used F1 or F2.

16-Feb-2007, 16:46
Another vote for the Sinar F1 or F2.

Sinar is a huge system. These cameras are dirt cheap on the used market these days. Never buy new stuff: it still costs a fortune. Its Swiss made. You can use any LF lens as long as you have the right lens board. The F1 and F2 have these little guides for helping one set the correct movements, focus and aperture etc. Its not mandatory to have or use these guides but they do help while learning the mechanics of setting up shots.

These cameras are real monorail cameras suitable for tabletop work, studio use, architecture etc. They are not great field cameras unless you shoot very close to your vehicle. I purchased a great kit that came with molded case. I have since added two more lenses, extension rails, bino-reflex viewing hood and fresnel screen. Most of the front and rear standards can be switched between the different Sinar models. Like I said Sinar is a huge system that can allow one to grow into and best of all it is so much cheaper these days on the used market. Purchased new the Sinar system is one the most expensive professional LF systems out there.


Ron Marshall
16-Feb-2007, 19:53
If you go for a Sinar get an adaptor lensboard so that you can mount your lenses on Technika boards; the stock Sinar boards are much larger and heavier.

C. D. Keth
16-Feb-2007, 23:44
If you go for a Sinar get an adaptor lensboard so that you can mount your lenses on Technika boards; the stock Sinar boards are much larger and heavier.

This is a very good suggestion. If you ever decide to get a field camera, you could easily change lenses between them since many (if not most) field cameras use technika boards.

Sinars are really excellen cameras. i dont' ahve extensive exerience but I ahve used them a bit at school (RIT, where I am a film student with a photo student girlfriend) and they are really sweet. Very easy to use, very well designed, et cetera. the only drawback is that they are heavy and bulky, but then again they're not designed to be carried all over the place.

steve simmons
17-Feb-2007, 09:06
Beofre getting a lf camera I would suggest some reading

Getting Started in Large Format. It is an article in the Free Articles section of te View Camera web site


If you do get the Sinar may I suggest the Sinar bok on large format as it will explain their focussing systm very well. The Sinar way of doing this is very unique.

seve simmons

Stefan Lungu
19-Feb-2007, 03:06
Well, it looks like I will have to do some homework here, but the system looks good to me and it looks like I will be looking for some hardware now to complete a little system. Reading here in the forum and the other articles around this site has been a great joy, but now it's time to act a little bit. I'll keep you posted how this adventure turns out...
Thanks, Stefan