View Full Version : Mixing Sinar and Lee filter holder components

Bruce M. Herman
28-May-2000, 02:49
I currently have a Sinar 100 mm resin filter holder. Although I'm reasonably ha ppy wit the system, Sinar's filter selection is somewhat limited. No one else m akes filters for this system. I've had the edges of several Lee filters and Sin gh-Ray filters milled to fit my holder, but it's an added expense.

I'm considering switching to Lee's system, which supports filters of 2 widths ( 1.5-2 mm and 2-4 mm). I was wondering if anyone knows if the Lee holder will wo rk with the lens adapeter rings of my Sinar system?

Thanks, Bruce

Ellis Vener
28-May-2000, 16:45
Sinar has stopped production of their resin filter line.

Bruce M. Herman
28-May-2000, 18:38
Well, Ellis, I seem to have an even better reason to switch!

Question still stands.


Gudmundur Ingolfsson
30-May-2000, 20:09
The Lee holder will not work with the Sinar adapter rings, but the Lee filters fit to the Sinar filter holder with some milling.

David Nash
1-Jun-2000, 13:35
Hello Bruce

I've not used the Sinar filter system, but I understand that they were manufactured in the UK by Formatt Filters (who make the Hitech system). I believe that both Lee Filters and Format Filters will make custom sizes.

Try www.formatt.co.uk and www.leefilters.com

Let me know if you have any success.


David Nash

Ellis Vener
3-Jun-2000, 12:27
Will Sinar filters fit the Lee or Hi Tech holders? My understanding is that the Sinar filters are either 1mm or 1.25 mm think (as oposed to Lee / Hi Tech which are either 1.5mm or 2mm. I am asking because I need to replace my grad fil ters and would like to still be able to not have to replace my set of Sinar caolor balance and cc filters.

Bruce M. Herman
7-Jun-2000, 04:20

My interpretation of the information on the Lee web site is that they include a pair of 1 mm slots in the Foundation Kit. They are also sold separately. So I don't think that there should be any problem.


Bruce M. Herman
7-Jun-2000, 04:27

I looked at Formatt's site. It appears that they are the manufacturer of Hitech filters. Their filters are 1.5 mm thick according to the B&H catalog. As their holder is more expensive than the Lee holder, and because I want to use Singh-Ray split ND filters, I think that I'll go with the Lee system.