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15-Feb-2007, 21:23
I recently had my camera's stolen, so i need to buy new stuff. I am looking at buying the Shen-Hao FCL57-A (5x7)...which would be my very first 5x7 camera. I have had some basic experience with 4x5's and their movements, but lenses are a mystery to me. I have read that for 5x7 a "standard lens" is 180mm or 210 mm...I think this is where I want to start off. What other considerations do i need to take? I want to stay as cheap as possible...but I also want something that works well. How do I make sure that the lens I get will match up with the lens boards available to the camera? Any good suggestions for a "toyota camry" 5x7 lens to start off with? Thanks for your consideration and patience...I am such a beginner...
-Andy F.:eek:

15-Feb-2007, 23:02
You'll get lots of advice. Read the articles at "LF Home Page" linked above and use the search function of the forum to see what posts already exist which may be informative. There are lots and lots of lenses which will serve this format as well as doing double duty for 4x5. There's a Caltar II 240mm just showed up in the classifieds here which would be a good focal length for 5x7. (Usual disclaimers apply; I have no interest, don't know the seller, yada, yada...)

16-Feb-2007, 09:32
If you want to stay as cheap as possible 4x5 is probably going to be considerably less expensive than 5x7. But this isn't what you're asking, so I guess I'm offering unsolicited, unhelpful advice. I can do you one better than the Toyota Camry 5x7 lens suggestion though: I can suggest a mercedes dressed in toyota clothing...err body panels.

Caltar-II N 210mm f/5.6. Covers 300mm image circle (which will give plenty of movements on 5x7). This is a multicoated modern lens which is exactly the same as a rodenstock apo-sironar-N 210mm f/5.6, as in, made in the same factory to the same standards and in-series with the rodenstocks. These aren't quality control rejects or anything - they're exactly the same lenses, just branded for calumet photo. The similar 240mm or 300mm would be good, too. 210 is a slightly long normal on 4x5 so it's probably a slightly wide normal for 5x7.

You can pick one up on ebay for $200-$300. I got mine for $200 + shipping and it's served me very well.

Scott Davis
16-Feb-2007, 10:51
I'll second the recommendation of the 210 Caltar as a good inexpensive starter lens for 5x7. Look around also and keep your eye out for a nice 10" Commercial Ektar (240mm). They're great lenses for 5x7, and still within the "normal" range. They're a little pricier than the Caltars, but with a bit of perseverance, you can find one at a fair price.

16-Feb-2007, 11:38
I think the FCL57-A uses Linhoff style 98mmx96mm boards. If the lens is in either a 0,1 or 3 shutter you won't have any problems.

Hard to beat the older Fuji W line for value. Or even the newer ones.

Rick Olson
16-Feb-2007, 18:53
I also vote for any "generic make" 210mm. Always plenty to be found on eBay. I have the Shen Hao 5 x 7 and I have a 210mm and a 120 wide angle. Both have been perfect for all my shooting needs.