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Denny Wilkins
28-May-1998, 17:21

If I should need a shutter cleaned and adjusted (which I guess I do), where shou ld I send it? (In other words, the real question is: Who should I trust to work on my LF shutters at a fair price for good work and a reasonable turnaround time ?)


Denny Wilkins

Michael Kadillak
28-May-1998, 21:03
I would recommend Steve Grimes at www.skgrimes.com/

He is very fair and creative in providing the photographer a solution to your pr oblem.

Michael Kadillak

Tony Brent
11-Sep-1998, 22:39
Ed Jones in Williamsburg Michigan takes care of all our cameras for our county w eekly newspaper. He is one of the old time National Camera guys. Reasonable pric es and competent work

Ed Dyer
14-Jan-1999, 20:49
The professionals are just going to love me after this. I was given some used Graflex cameras, one rail and one Speed G, along with a assortment of lenses, by a friend of mine. The lenses had't been used in years. I removed the top plate on them, sprayed with WD-40, washed out with warm water and soap, degreased with a spray type gun cleaner solvent, repeated the process several times and very lightly lubed. Checked operation with a Calumet shutter tester and they all worked pretty good. With all due respect to the pros I wouldn't try this with new modern lenses.

richard w
14-Jan-1999, 22:00
Ditto: Steve Grimes. He is in New England. You can get his number from any copy of View Camera magazine.

Greg Lawhon
15-Jan-1999, 00:31
Here's an even easier way to find Steve Grimes' phone number (and a lot of other information):


Bob Salomon
21-Jan-1999, 06:31
Did you ever check the characteristics of WD 40?

If so you will find that WD 40 states that it leaves a lubricating film on whatever it is sprayed on.

This film, and therefore WD 40, should never get anywhere near shutter blade