View Full Version : Wisner 8x10 Accessories...

12-Feb-2007, 20:50

Just a heads-up here... I know there's quite a few Wisner users here so you might be interested in the following auction:


Wisner 8x10 => 5x7, 8x10 => 4x10, and a 4x10 film holder on the block!

In the words of The Joker on Batman... "Where does Dagor77 and his trusty sidekick, Artara, get all this stuff??? :)"


Caroline Matthews
12-Feb-2007, 21:22
You are such a twinky gadfly.

Colin Graham
12-Feb-2007, 21:48
Interestingly, a quick Google of "twinky gadfly" yielded no hits. Yet.

12-Feb-2007, 22:07
You are such a twinky gadfly.

So, Caroline... is this an issue you've had all your life? If so, please accept my sincere condolences!

FWIW, even though you may not have a Wisner 8x10, your comment is "less than useful!"

There ARE some people here who do use Wisner cameras and would most likely be interested in these items.