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John Purins
25-May-2000, 17:15
I need holders for round glass filters in unthreaded mounts in sizes Series 7, 9 and 9A. I've contacted Calumet, B&H and a number of the larger used equipment dealers none of whom have any of the above holders. Any suggestions as to where I could try next? One of the photographic equipment machinists has quoted me $ 50 - $75 each for custom made holders, and I'm hoping to get them for less. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Robert A. Zeichner
25-May-2000, 20:52
Tiffen makes a variety of Series 9 filter adapters. Common sizes are 72mm, 77mm, 86mm plus others. What specifically are looking for? There is also an ample supply of series adapters at used camera shows.

Doug Paramore
25-May-2000, 20:55
John: I have found a couple of those filter holders to fit my lenses at photography equipment swap meets. I don't know if there are any any your area. This isn't what you asked, but have you considered the filter holders that accept the square holders? Some of these holders have a sort of universal lens mount that will take more than one size lens, so you really don't need but one holder and one set of filters. Hope this helps, Doug.

tim atherton
25-May-2000, 21:59
By unthreaded mounts, do you mean that the mount/holder for the series filter holder is a push on one to go on an unthreaded lens? (ie old Ektar or whatever?) - I have an old tiffen one of these that came with my Ektar 127mm - it just slips on the lens (is a lens hood as well) and unscrews to take the correct series filter. In this case it is a kodak 1 9/16" / 39.5mm one.

If so, these come up on EBay in different sizes. Or try asking these guys:


Tim A

Ed Buffaloe
26-May-2000, 09:36
Try some of the dealers that advertise in Shutterbug--Columbus Camera Group would be a good place to start, and possibly some of the dealers in Chicago. Series VII filters and holders used to be a dime a dozen a few years back.

David A. Goldfarb
26-May-2000, 11:42
I've been able to dig up odd adapter rings and filter holders at Olden Camera in New York.

Scott Walton
26-May-2000, 13:06
B+W makes adapters and also look up Steve Grimes at www.skgrimes.com who is now located in RI. Cheers, Scott

17-Jun-2011, 10:46
I have a Tiffen 81 SS9 (series 9) filter holder along with a Tiffen Series 9 Linear Glass filter, which fits perfect. It attached to lens with 3 ajustable screws. I just posted the filter and adapter on the For Sale Forum.