View Full Version : topcor lens?

e. a. smith
11-Feb-2007, 12:13
I'm looking at a Topcor 105 f3.5 lens probably made for Horseman. Does anyone know if this will cover all movements on a Linhof Karden Color 45S? I know Topcon had a rep for good 35mm lenses ... any opinions on their LF lenses?



Oren Grad
11-Feb-2007, 12:17
It is likely intended as a normal focal length for the 6x9 cm format, and probably will not cover 4x5.

11-Feb-2007, 14:36
From reading, Topcon made at least two 105mm lenses: Pro Topcor (f3.5) and Super Topcor (f4.5). They are both MF lenses, but the "Super" series has a larger IC to cover 4x5--i.e. the 105mm f3.5 will not cover 4x5.

A MF forum may be a good place to get more and better info.