View Full Version : Linhof Lens Panel

Neil Purling
11-Feb-2007, 00:45
The lens panel for the Technika has a circular ridge on the inside face and the lens hole is drilled within that circular ridge. Is this ridge essential as a light trap?
I am just wondering, because to mount a Petzval lens I saw on ebay meant a drilled hole that would likely cut across that ridge.

Michael Gudzinowicz
11-Feb-2007, 03:04
If the lens board fits well and is tightly held to the front standard, you should not have a problem with light leaks. That has been my experience with a dozen or so boards which lack the lip.

However based on your description, I would be more concerned with interference between the mounted lens and the flat portion of the front standard which has the circular aperture into which the lip fits to act as a light trap. I'd lean toward an 8x10 monorail for a lens that large.

Neil Purling
11-Feb-2007, 03:21
Thanks for your information Mike.
I am going to hunt for a short Petzval with a narrower barrel than the barrel of the 8.75" lens I had in mind.

David A. Goldfarb
11-Feb-2007, 06:10
Big lenses are possible on Technika boards, but they might require a custom flange. Here's a thread on how it can be done--