View Full Version : 8x10 photography

Alan Spears
28-May-1998, 15:56
I need a way to input large high resolution images into my computer. I am thinki ng of using a 8x10 rail camera, shooting transparencies, than scanning with a st andard flatbed scanner. If this sounds like a reasonable solution I need a recom mendation on a camera set-up. The art I need to shoot is approx. 20"x20".

Alan Gibson
29-May-1998, 16:34
I don't think it will work very well: you will get image ghosting from the shado w of the trannie on the white cover.

"Proper" scanners are very common now, for 35mm or 5x4. 5x4 at 4000 ppi is quite a decent resolution. The computer file is not much short of 1GB.

Adam D. DeKraker
30-May-1998, 03:02
The 8x10 idea sounds like a good one to me, but I would be more inclined to send the transparencies out to be professionally scanned by a lab specializing in di gital imaging. It does cost a little, but the results are usually worth it.

Larry Gard
31-May-1998, 23:05
If you are going to the expence of shooting 8x10 trans. I would also suggest tha t you have a lab do a drum scan for the best quality. But you can save alot of m oney and not suffer quality if you shot 4x5 trans. and had them put on a photo C D. You will get a file size of about 70 meg. at high resolution. You not only wi ll save alot of money on film and processing but also on the cost of the scans.