View Full Version : can i use a canham 110mm lens board on my toyo 45A?

Mark Woods
25-May-2000, 12:05
my toyo 45A takes 110mm lens boards. i am told by one store that i can use canha m 110mm lens boards instead of toyo ones. since i can get the canham ones much c heaper, i would rather do that if it works. also, where is the cheapest place to buy them? and how do i contact canham via email? thanks.


25-May-2000, 18:17
Yes the Canham boards work just fine in a Toyo. Jeff

14-Mar-2009, 13:49
Do you know if I can use Toyo or Canham boards on my Chamonix 5x8 that takes Arca Swiss 110mm boards? Are they all interchangable?

Don Dudenbostel
14-Mar-2009, 17:04
I think the Arca board is different. SK Grimes lists them separate on his site which leads me to think they do not interchange.

As to the Canham interchange with Toyo 110mm. I just purchased a Canham board used and it also came with a Toyo 110mm board. The Toyo I have is about half the thickness of the Canham and has to be shimmed to be used otherwise it flops back and forth when mounted. Most likely it would allow light to enter and cause a focus problem as well. There may be Toyo boards that are the same thickness as the Canham but I'm not aware of them.

Gem Singer
14-Mar-2009, 17:34
Don is correct, Canham boards are thicker than Toyo boards.

Keith Canham does not sell directly to the public.

You can purchase new Canham products from The View Camera Store, in Phoenix, AZ.

Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange, sometimes has previously owned Canham equipment in stock.

Don Dudenbostel
14-Mar-2009, 18:15
I have a Toyo 110mm board drilled slightly larger than a copal 3 but think my Ilex 4 is the correct size for the hole and will sell it cheap it it is of any use to you.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
14-Mar-2009, 20:51
I have a few Toyo recessed boards which fit in my Canham perfectly. I have never tried the flat boards.