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9-Feb-2007, 21:25
I recently bought a Graphic 23 rollfilm holder so I could (maybe) use rollfilm in my Toyo 45C.

Below are some photos that will help illustrate the degree of my ignorance.

Two show the adapter I bought. One shows the arse end of my Toyo. One shows another adapter I saw on that auction site.

The eb** adapter has a big plate, while my adapter has a little teenie plate. Can I get a big plate for my adapter so I can use it with my Toyo ? I believe you guys get the main idea here. Help will be appreciated.


Dave Parker
9-Feb-2007, 23:39
You might take a look at this page, it has the roll film backs listed on it that Folmer made for the various cameras and sizes.



Stewart Skelt
10-Feb-2007, 03:06
Happy to be corrected, but I do not recall seeing adapters for these.

Looks like you might have to sell the small one and buy another the right size. My equivalent experience as a new LF user was buying the wrong size lens board :o

Juergen Sattler
10-Feb-2007, 04:23
Looks like you bought a rollfilm back for a 2x3 camera and not a 4x5. Just put it back on eBay and look for the right size. As you are a beginner in LF I would not start out with a rollfilm back - you need to expose tons of sheets to learn movements and to be able to experiment with your camera. Wait until you are ready for a rollfilm back.

10-Feb-2007, 07:34
I'm new to roll film adapters. I'm not new to LF photography. Thanks for the help.

Jim Ewins
10-Feb-2007, 08:44
The big back is for a 4x5, the other for a 2 1/4x 3 1/4. I'll send you some images of what a grafloc looks like on a wisner after removing the GG if you wish- just email me. Jim

10-Feb-2007, 09:27
The 23 back you have is for the Century Graphic (6x9cm); Horseman 6x9cm cameras; Linhof 6x9cm and other 6x9cm sized medium format cameras.

There is no proprietary adapter for the 6x9cm roll-film holder to a 5x4", partly because the 6x9" roll film backs for 5x4" were sold with a built in reducing plate. For the price you paid for the 23 holder, the cost of a building an adapter to fit it into 5x4" wouldn't be economical.

Btw - that red wind-on adapter is quite galling! I guess it was designed to be mated with a Century Graflex with matching red bellows by whomever added the modification onto the turning knob ;)

Oren Grad
10-Feb-2007, 10:38
Some manufacturers did or do make adapters that allow you to use a roll holder intended for a 2x3 camera on a 4x5 camera. I have one made by Ebony, which fits into a 4x5 Graflok back and accepts many (but not all) 2x3 Graflok roll holders.

But unless you get really lucky on an eBay auction, the adapter itself will be more expensive than an old baby Graphic roll holder is worth. If you want to keep the budget down, you'd be better off just selling this one and buying another like the one in your last picture, with the big 4x5-size adapter plate built in.

Dave Parker
10-Feb-2007, 10:41
And make sure you get one for a Graflok back and not a Graflex back, they are not interchangeable!


11-Feb-2007, 16:24
All good advice. Thanks, all.