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9-Feb-2007, 16:14
I contacted Mirko by email and he gave me permission to cut and paste his relpy to a "rumour" circulating on APUG.

"We are involved in this venture of revitalising what used to be Agfa products since August, yet at this point it is too early to make any type of an announcement.
I wonder actually who spread this word at this stage as it is way too early to do when you have not even ripened all emulsions fully.
All I can confirm is that the above named companies are at this stage not involved neither financally nor with knowledge or support.
One of them has announced interest in buying the readymade paper last week. Thatīs it for them.

I hope that this venture will be succesfull and will surely communicate more details as soon as they become available.

Where the paper will be coated has yet to be determined. At this point the emulsionists are working on the emulsions only and use small lab test coaters.
The grain structure looks promising, that is all we can say at this point.
More details will hoepfully become available around february 2007.

Regards and merry Christmas to everyone,



I find this to be wonderful news.

if you are interested here is the full thread link



Eric Rose
9-Feb-2007, 17:04
I don't see how you can say it's a rumour when Mirko is participating in the APUG thread as well.

In any event I look forward to whatever Mirko can produce.

9-Feb-2007, 17:39
And your point is?

I highlighted "rumour" because it has been rumoured for sometime. Not to indicate I considered it such.