View Full Version : Warm tone developer.

9-Feb-2007, 15:56
I have wanted to try the Agfa 120 formula for quite some time but don't have all the ingredients -- so -- experiment,

I only made a 250ml batch as I didn't want to waste chemistry.

The main ingredient I was missing was the Potassium Carbonate.

Water 200ml

15gms Sodium Sulphite
6gms Hydroquinone
6gms Potassium Hydroxide

[Read up on safety issues when handling Hydroxides]

***** Gloves and eye protection are sensible.

.5gm Potassium Bromide

Water to make up to 250ml

Use at 1:4 for warm brown black.

Exposure will be about double.

I don't know the keeping life of the chemistry.

The paper I used was Ilford matt MG FB. I also have some Foma so when I'm next in the dark I will try that as well.

Also meant to mention that the resuls are very pleasing.