View Full Version : Info on Berlin Dagor

John Sarsgard
9-Aug-2000, 12:00
I bought a 300mm (marked as 30cm) Berlin Dagor on e-bay not too long ago, in a n ice Acme #4 shutter. Works great and am enjoying the lens. Does anybody know w hat the coverage is on this lens? I shoot 4x5 now, but am curious about whether it would cover 8x10.

9-Aug-2000, 12:48
Coverage to 14x17 stopped down to f:45.

neil poulsen
10-Aug-2000, 05:11
I have an old 70's source book (The Photography Catalog) that lists a golden dagor 12" f6.8 lens has having 427mm coverage at f16. As an older dagor, your lens could have a little more coverage than this.

Walter Beckham
15-Aug-2000, 12:21
A very fine lens! I have been using mine for years on 810 & also for close work on 820! I have lots of "specs" on Dagors and Artars.