View Full Version : Got Recommendations for Jobo Drum Cleaning?

Ed K.
9-Feb-2007, 00:21
Hello experts! It appears that Efke films may be "silver rich" after all. My Jobo Expert drum is getting silver plated! Well....err... some stuff that's really on there, like a plating. It doesn't seem to hurt anything, however I'll have to clean it up.

Sure Jobo processor cleaner, right? Any other recommendations/caveats?

Also, while anyone is at it, anyone tried one of the non-Jobo automagic processors? Any luck? With Jobo ceasing production, I'm worried about an upgrade to an ATL. I'd love to streamline the processing a bit more - as in "set it and forget it" at least until it's done with the bulk of it. No room for a dip and dunk, and I'm dead-set on liking rotary processing for most things.

Appreciate the suggestions...

Ed Richards
9-Feb-2007, 07:39
I would try one of the bathroom cleaners that is designed to remove scale. Look for one that says it is is safe for formica and plastic.