View Full Version : difference between 8x10 polaroid films 803 and 804?

Dan Schmidt
8-Feb-2007, 16:41
I would like to start doing some 8x10 polaroids for portrait work. Can anyone tell me in practice what is the difference between the 803 and 804 films?

I presume that 803 is like 53 and 804 is like 54. I have only ever used 55 and 52 though.

Ralph Barker
8-Feb-2007, 16:57
Type 804 is the ISO 100 PolaPan Pro film, while Type 803 is ISO 800. I've used Type 804 a bit, and like its tonal rendition. I've not used Type 804, so I can't make a comparison for you.

The attachments were all done on Type 804 with studio strobe lighting.