View Full Version : Aperture Scale

C. D. Keth
8-Feb-2007, 12:07
What are my choices to find an aperture scale for an f/9 240 g-claron to go on a copal no.1? I know SK grimes, are there others I mgiht shop-around to?

8-Feb-2007, 12:14
Could also ask Tim @ LensN2shutter.

8-Feb-2007, 12:16
You could copy, write, print, the scale yourself on a piece of a paper strip and glue it on the shutter.

Larry H-L
8-Feb-2007, 15:10
Call Schneider in California. About $75 for the two scales.

C. D. Keth
8-Feb-2007, 18:06
Eck, 75 is pretty steep considering I payed $50 for the lens. I think I'll adapt the scale I have. Thanks!

erie patsellis
10-Feb-2007, 13:42
if you're inventive, you could make an awfully nice scale in a graphics program, print it out on label stock and laminate it (I often use satin finish scotch tape if I only have one or two to do)