View Full Version : Full moon on EBay tonight

7-Feb-2007, 17:14
Check out this recent sale:


This is an anonymous Petzval in not so great condition with no shutter, no waterhouse stops and no mounting flange that the seller says is an F2. Seems doubtful to me since I've never heard of a Petzval faster than f3.7.

The selling price is astonishing considering its lack of a pedigree, its condition and that it doesn't even cover 4x5. Can anyone explain this?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
7-Feb-2007, 17:21
The best explanation is there aren't too many short Petzval lenses out there and there are quite a few folks with more money than brains.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
7-Feb-2007, 17:25
ps: the Dallmeyer C series was ~f2.2 and the B series was f3, so they were made faster than the standard f3.6-3.8. I never heard of f2, but I suppose it is possible.

Michael Graves
7-Feb-2007, 18:23
Amazing! And it sold without some overweight chic showing way more of herself than is good for my stomach.

7-Feb-2007, 18:31
he had another 200mm that sold for over 300$. too bad for me cause i was willing to pay hundreds less!


william linne
7-Feb-2007, 19:22
Yeah, funny. I guess it's called "value added".

Paul Ewins
7-Feb-2007, 20:09
I was watching a run-of-the-mill 178/2.5 Aero Ektar. It had a lensboard and a wooden box but otherwise nothing special. It went for $435!

Dave Parker
7-Feb-2007, 21:44
Well somebody is happy, they paid $455 for it, I look forward to seeing those amazing pictures!


Frank Petronio
7-Feb-2007, 21:56
Then again, a mint Linhof LT -- basically a Technikardan on a solid 18-inch rail -- sold for about the same price as a Calumet curtain rod camera -- $338.

That's all the precision and craftsmanship of a top grade Linhof for peanuts. Lucky bastard beat my bid of $336!

Watch the winner sell the ground glass back alone for $338 next week ;)