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7-Feb-2007, 11:32
Greetings all.

I have been lurking here for a while now, but finally have a reason to post. First, let me thank all of you that are here on a regular basis. The information I have received from this site has been amazing. Having shot for over 30 years w/ 35mm in a press setting, I never took the time to get into LF. I NOW SEE WHAT I WAS MISSING!!!
The responses to questions in the forum section have answered all of my questions so far.

I have recentely made the move to LF by purchasing a Calumet 4x5 on ebay. I love the results, but I have only worked in 35mm & 120 in the past. I needed a LF enlarger and started to do my research here. In the process of looking, I stumbled across the following on ebay:


It is listed as a Beseler CB-7. I have talked with the seller and I was told it will come with everything: Colorhead shown, lenses, everything in the photo.

My question is- I have seen all of the photos of CB-7s listed in the past, both old & late, and none of them look anything like the photo (black not blue, different colorhead, etc.) is this a CB-7?

Regardless- I am happy with the price... $75.00 + $150.00 shipping, as long as it will do 4x5. :)

Thanks again, and I look forward to posting a few pics!

Scott Anderson

7-Feb-2007, 13:11
My understanding colour indicates vintage. I think it's a CB-7 I'd know for sure if the photo showed the front of the baseboard.

Mine came with the condensor head. I've never seen one with the CB-7 colour head.


That shows it with the Dichro 45 head.

Is it coming with neg carriers?

7-Feb-2007, 13:18
According to the seller it comes with at least the 4x5 carrier, but he thinks he has all to go down to 35mm. Also at least two lenses.

Robert Ley
7-Feb-2007, 13:36
It looks like you have got a CB-7, but I feel that without a shot of the front of the baseboard it is hard to tell. The baseboard is fairly thick and houses the controls for the motor driven elevation and focus controls. If these are in good shape along with the motors you will have a very fine 4x5 enlarger. The color head may work for you and I would check it out. If not a Beseler 45S head can be gotten on Fleebay fairly cheap. The CB-7 can be easily aligned and also has a tilting negative and lens stage for perspective control. Don't worry about the color, I have seen Beseler enlargers as gray, blue(like yours) and black. Any negative carrier or lens board that wil fit a 45 will fit your CB-7 and there are a ton of them on the used market. The price was very good as well. Have fun with your new enlarger and good luck!