View Full Version : What ever happened plaubel cameras

Ellis Vener
28-May-1998, 15:39
i am curious. What ever happened to Plaubel Cameras?

Bob Salomon
7-Jan-1999, 21:23
Nothing. They are still made.

Plaubel is made in Germany and is owned by DOI a Japanese company.

They have not been imported into the U.S. since Olden stopped selling them prior to the acquisition of the factory by DOI 15 or 20 years ago.

They are fairy easily found in Germany and are very obvious at Photoki

Jeff Stierman
26-Nov-2004, 08:26
That information is very intersting ? I've been told by several people that they are not being made any longer, and that parts are hard to come by. I have the 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 versions of the Peco and consider them among the finest monorails available. To your knowledge, are parts for the Profia and Peco Universal III still available new ?


Bob Salomon
26-Nov-2004, 08:40

I have no idea. Just ask them:

http://www.plaubel.com/ (http://www.plaubel.com/)