View Full Version : Printing Hi and lo contrast combined

7-Feb-2007, 10:26
As I am progressing in learning photo etching and making positives, it occurs to me that it is possible to take two photos of the same subject, develop one neg for high contrast, develop the other neg for low contrast, and then make a print using the combination of both negs (either at the same time, or in series) thus getting the full range. Right?

7-Feb-2007, 12:51
I'm sure it could work. I imagine it would only be useful in a narrow range of conditions, or to get a narrow range of effects. People do this digitally all the time. It allows for some interesting effects, but tends to give images a look that can seem gimicky in a hurry.

One question would be if it offers any real world advantages over simpler high-dynamic range tequniques, like POTA or water bath.

You'd have to deal with a lot of issues, of course ... registration, etc.