View Full Version : Cambo Super Field 4x5

Mack Jones
8-Aug-2000, 20:17
Hi All,

I'm just starting out in large Format photography and am considering purchasing the above camera, used. I'm looking for comments from those with experience with this camera in regards to its use, quality, stability, limitations and problems . I've perused this site for some info. but haven't found anything regarding thi s camera. I have found mentioned several recommendations for SINAR and Arca Swis s cameras and I may upgrade to one of these one day, but how far away in quality and operation is the Super Field from these cameras (the layout of controls see ms almost identical to the SINAR F2)? My plan, for now, is to invest my money in buying the best lenses (and tripod) available. Thanks in advance, Mack

John Hicks
9-Aug-2000, 00:35
Monorail cameras can be a royal pain for field work, not that they don't work ok but they're so incredibly bulky.

I'd suggest a folding camera of some sort.

QT Luong
9-Aug-2000, 02:55
The Cambo 45 SF is quite similar in design and functionality to the Sinar F1, but heavier (9lbs) and not as solidly built (plastic parts in some critical areas). I don't know how much you'd pay used, but a new one is for sure not a good value. Because of weight and bulk, I'd be very hesitant to buy it if I planned to work in the field, and it's not a cheap camera unlike the Calumet 45N.