View Full Version : Nagaoka wooden 4x5 is worth???

Harley Goldman
6-Feb-2007, 15:47
I have the opportunity to buy one of these wooden field cameras. I am only going to use it as a prop for six months to a year and then resell it. No plans to shoot with it. I have an Arca and a Toho. Any ideas what one is worth these days?

I don't need a functioning camera, but I have been keeping an eye in ebay for a while and I have not seen any cheap wooden cameras come along. A friend has the Nagaoaka.

The Nagaoka is in good shape. I would guess it is about 15 years old? I am trying to figure out what to pay for it. Any input would be appreciated.

6-Feb-2007, 15:59
I think the Nagaoka is almost exactly the same as an old tachihara. I think I've seen one listed on ebay for about $400 or $500. Don't take my word on it, I'm far from an expert on weird LF folding camera values, this is just what I remember.

If you look at completed listings on ebay there was one listed with a buy it now of US$739 and someone paid that much for it, so I might be a bit off in my estimate. Still, if it is like a tachihara, there's no way I'd pay more than the price of a new tachi ($600).

Christopher Perez
6-Feb-2007, 16:02
The Nagaoka is very similar to the Ikeda Anba. Both are incredibly light weight. The 4x5 cameras weigh 2 and 3/4 pounds without lens or film holder.

A 4x5 version should sell for $550 or less.

Oren Grad
6-Feb-2007, 16:07
The Nagaoka is a different design from the Tachihara, and is valued by some for its especially light weight.

But if you're not intending to use it and thus don't place any special value on the weight, there's no reason to pay a premium for it. If I were in your position I wouldn't pay any more than about $400, since it should be possible to resell it fairly easily at that price. If the need isn't urgent and the specific appearance of the camera doesn't matter, you can probably do even better just bottom-fishing for whatever turns up on eBay.

6-Feb-2007, 21:06
My misfortune works to your benefit...I have a nagoka that I'll sell for $275.00 It has seen better days but could be cleaned up to look nice...It is missing the rear focusing knob and needs some work to put into good order - too much work for me.

Interested? drop me a PM or email...

Rafael Garcia
10-Feb-2007, 17:27
My Asanuma & Co. King 1 is a predecessor to the Nagaoka. The design is identical except for the all-wood front standard. It was an English half-plate when I bought it on eBay for $140.00, fully functional. Now, after spending $30.00 on a spring back and adapting it, it is a fully functional 4x5, as light and compact as the Nagaoka.


Watch 1/2 plate size cameras on eBay. If used as a non-functioning prop, the bookform holder will not matter. They sell cheap!

10-Feb-2007, 17:39
I sold one for a friend of mine for $300 on ebay a couple of months ago. The camera was in good shape except for a single crack in the wooden base where the tripod plate is. I am guessing that lowered the value slightly but really $739 for a Naga is ridiculous especially since i've seen wisners go for a little over that amount. Max amount for a mint copy i would pay is $400